Social Media Facts That Could Affect Your Business

These days there’s no denying the impact of social media in all spheres. Understanding how social media can impact business is a key driver for growth in 2017.

We all knew that Americans spent a lot of time on Facebook, but to put this into perspective, we only spend about 7.6 percent of our time checking e-mail. We spend almost three times (23 percent) more time on blogs and social networks than checking e-mail.

If an adult is on a social network, odds are she is somewhat computer savvy. She’ll spend more time online than the “average Internet user,” doing things like checking e-mail, reading news sites and blogs, chatting and shopping.

If you don’t have a mobile site of some sort, you need to build one. Loading traditional Web pages from the phone takes much longer, and those who want to buy on the phone want instant gratification.



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